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    12.19.2014 | Morpho Challenge: Democratizing digital in India

    For the grand finale of the Capgemini Super Techies Show 2014, three teams of students and engineers battled it out over a technology challenge* set by Morpho (Safran). Sanjeev Shriya, Managing Director of Smart Chip, a Morpho subsidiary in India, and member of the jury, talks about this technological challenge.

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    12.19.2014 | Safran a partner in Capgemini’s SuperTechies Show final

    Organized by Capgemini, the SuperTechies Show is a TV show produced in India and broadcast worldwide, in which top students and young engineers from around the world test their skills in meeting technology challenges set by major corporations. The subject for the 2014 final was proposed by Morpho (Safran).

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    12.18.2014 | Download as PDF | Morpho’s Itemiser 4DX Receives ECAC Approval for Explosives Screening

    PARIS – December 18, 2014 © Morpho Detection Morpho (Safran), through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, today announced the Itemiser® 4DX explosives trace detector (ETD) has successfully completed European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process (CEP). . As a result, Itemiser 4DX is now approved for airport screening of passengers and baggage throughout ECAC’s 44 member nations. Built on the industry-leading Itemiser® ETD platform, Itemiser 4DX delivers advanced explosives detection and screening capabilities powered by a non-radioactive ITMSTM (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer) source. Optimized for ease-of-use and mobility, Itemiser 4DX eliminates the administrative, regulatory, storage and shipping requirements associated with a radiation-emitting trace detection source. “The quick approval of Itemiser 4DX by ECAC validates its detection and security capabilities to help airports meet current and emerging threats and regulatory mandates,” said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. “Combined with a global service footprint and rapid-response capabilities, Morpho offers a comprehensive, unmatched end-to-end solution.” By leveraging long-life consumables and internal calibration, Itemiser 4DX seeks to minimize operational costs for airports and air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and government and critical infrastructure installations. For more information on Morpho’s detection products, visit **** About Morpho Detection Morpho Detection, part of Morpho, Safran’s (PAR: SAF) security business, is a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics and chemical, radiological, and nuclear detection systems for government, military, air and ground transportation, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations. Morpho Detection integrates computed tomography, Raman spectroscopy, trace (ITMS™), mass spectrometry, X-ray and X-ray Diffraction technologies into solutions that can make security activities more accurate, productive and efficient. Morpho Detection’s solutions are deployed to help protect people and property the world over. For more information : Follow @MORPHO_NEWS on Twitter
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